Simon Rovder

Hey, my name is Simon, welcome to my portfolio / homepage! This page is mainly here to give you an idea of what I do as a software engineer in some sort of formal manner, so let's see how that goes..

My focus is server development, specifically in Python and Java, with some Redis, Postgres, MySQL, Docker and Kubernetes on the side. At university I experimented with Machine Learning and robotics, and wrote my masters thesis on GPU kernel optimization for fast neural network inference times on low-powered GPUs (thesis was published in 2019).

I recently got into Ethereum Blockchain development through my work at Bethereum and delved quite deep into the internal functioning of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, which lead to some interesting side projects like the Ethereum Gattling Gun below. So yeah, the only thing I never truly dabbled in is frontend, which explains my minimalist website (I wanted it to just be one massive JSON but my friends told me that's not very user-friendly).

Graduated with a First Class Master of Informatics from the University of Edinburgh in 2018 and have been full-time working since then.

You can get my CV here, a letter of recommendation here, find me here and check out my portfolio below. : )



Bethereum is a startup that has been moving betting onto the blockchain since 2017. Eliminating middlemen and introducing transparency is one of the core patterns of digital innovation and Bethereum does just that with the betting industry. By creating decentralized betting infrastructure on the blockchain we are providing a safe and fully trustworthy environment for bettors to use.

Microsoft Internship

In the Summer of 2017 I did a 3 month internship in the Office Marketplace Experience (OMEX) team at Microsoft in Dublin. I worked on the server side of a new Office tool that will be rolled out to customers soon! Yay! : )

Honours Project

As my Honours project I wrote OpenCL kernels specifically optimized to run on the MALI T628 GPU. Implemented all elementary neural network operations and managed to outperform the pest performing matrix multiplication kernel published by ARM.

Robocup Small Size League

As a part of the System Design Practical at The University of Edinburgh I made a robot that was able to play football. The robot's name was Fred and he played along side our teammate called NULL.


In 2015 I designed the backend of a location-based social network called Droppie. With Droppie we took on the world and made it to the United States.

Maze generation

This is exactly the kind of thing that happens when a bored programmer is stuck at home because of the Scottish winter rains. If you were ever wondering what the largest maze ever generated is, you may now stop wondering. :)