Microsoft Internship The Datacenters call to me...

On the 1st of July 2017 I flew over to Dublin to join Microsoft for three months. There's not too much I can say just yet as I am still just getting started with the internship, so I'll complete this page when our product actually makes it out to the public.

My focus is backend development in ASP.NET for the Office Marketplace, so I get to write a lot of C#. I have been meaning to fiddle around with C# for a while now and this is the perfect opportunity to see some C# in it's natural habitat.

Before this internship, I though I've worked with relatively large codebases. After my first day here, I realized just how wrong I was. When the first instruction you get on Day 1 is: "clone the entirety of Office", you know you're going to have a fun couple of months. : )